The Colours Of Christmas

Every year I gravitate toward a slightly different colour scheme for Christmas decor.  One year it was green, white and gold.  Another year it was red and white.  Or red and gold.

This year it’s red, green and white.

Maybe one day I’ll try adding some blue and do blue, red and gold or something, but for now I limit the colours to those I actually decorate with.

Overall, there’s no blue in my decor.  But looking around my house now, I can see tiny little specks of blue, like the embroidered peacock feathers in the kitchen, some blue dishes that I can’t seem to let go of (maybe if I watch Hoarders it will help), and the spines of several books.  So theoretically I could add some darker blue Christmas decorations like balls and ribbon and it could work (Now I have visions of navy and cinnamon and gold).  I would have to change some other accessories to go with it.  Like some navy pillow covers and one white or cinnamon pillow with a large embroidered peacock feather on it.  Pretty.

Okay, I could conceivably use blue in my decorating sometime in the future, but unfortunately it would require spending money, dare I say, frivolously.  And that ain’t going to happen until the rest of my house is furnished and decorated (I’m talking about the unfinished addition here).  I can’t possibly buy a new Christmas colour scheme when I’m saving up for a table that expands to seat 10, a hutch to store my art/sewing supplies, a couple of lamps and a new area rug.  Oh, and 2 comfy, compact, upholstered occasional chairs to replace the Big Red Chair (I should call it Clifford).

That reminds me.  I need a duvet cover and sheets for Sadie’s room, after we get her a mattress for her bed!  Okay, blue decor is not even on the radar yet (Sorry Joan.  Not for a couple or 3 years anyway).

I started this post to show you my amazing decorating and got a little sidetracked while my brain went on a tangent.  Sorry.

I’ll show you some of my decorating now (that took me a week to complete).

Let’s start with the bathroom!  All those ornaments are too heavy to hang on the tree, so I put them on this garland (thanks for the tip mom!).

Notice the gold balls on the shower curtain?  Hee hee.  How about the outhouse ornament?  There’s a deer doing its business inside.  How appropriate.

I splurged on a white wreath this year and ended up leaving it plain.

I also picked up a couple of cheap green wreaths and hung them in the dining room windows.  Yes, that’s an antler.  What can I say?  I’m like Gaston that way (inside joke).

I got this fun polka dot ribbon to go with the red, green and white theme this year.  I only got 12 white balls though so I had to spread them out between the garland and the tree.

I know the bananas don’t really fit, but I had nowhere else to put the fruit!

Here’s the other Christmas quilt my mom made.

She made these stockings too.  Sadie and Chad don’t get one.*  Haha!

Extra balls went in this tall glass vase (which is for sale by the way! $10!).

Oops!  Did I crop out the tv again?  Sorry.  And it appears that Darryl needs to fix the wires so they’re not hanging down like that.

And just in case you’re thinking you know where all my decorating money went, that big black (ugly) subwoofer was given to us.  The tv too (if we had bought one, it would probably most likely be bigger by a couple a few inches).

Well, that’s the tour for this year.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Feliz Navidad!

*Sadie doesn’t yet know what stockings are for, so she doesn’t need one until we actually do stockings, and when we do, she can always use mine from when I was little.  We’re not actually going to do stockings for ourselves and not let Sadie have one.  That would be mean.


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