Advent Calendar -My Version

This project has been in the works for at least 2 years.

Maybe even 3.

I lost count at 1 year.

This year I remembered that it was finished and got it out before December.

Basically, this is it.

The quilt is a modified log cabin that was one of the first quilts my mom made.  Back when we lived in the middle of the bush in a cabin.

I made the bags over the last 2 (3?) years around Christmas out of fabric scraps mom gave me.  Lo and behold, a lot of them match the fabrics in the quilt.

They’re just simple drawstring bags with satin cord and tags from the scrapbooking section with number stickers on them.  They’re pinned on the quilt.  The simple bags turned out not so simple when I forgot how I was making them from one year to the next, and I ended up having to stitch the tops of each bag by hand cause they were just too small to fit under the needle on my machine.

At least I finished a project.

That doesn’t always happen.

Ok, it rarely happens.

Most of the bags are about 4″x3″, but there’s 3 bags that are bigger.  About 6″x4″.  That’s because I made them to go with a Playmobil advent calendar I bought that had a nasty cardboard thing that hung on the wall with all these different sized brown boxes sticking out all over it.  I thought the bags would look nicer.  There were a couple bigger pieces in the set, hence the larger bags.

The advent calendar is a stable scene, but not a nativity.  Lots of little animals and props.

These are the pieces Sadie has opened so far.

She loves it.

Eventually I want to get the Playmobil nativity set and put the pieces in these bags.

Hopefully that won’t take 3 years.


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