Tree Adventures

We are hosting our annual Christmas tree hunt this coming weekend.  We invite a very diverse group of people and it’s always interesting to see who comes.  Some years it’s lots of families and other years it’s one person.  We are fine with either way.  We still have a great time.  This year it’s looking like a few families are coming.

I was so hoping for the porch to be finished so we’d have lots of room for everyone and a cozy wood stove to warm up next to, but it ain’t happening.

We did decide to get a tree earlier this year though, cause we wanted to have a tree set up when people came over.  It’s a good thing we did too cause we found out the road up to our usual site is not maintained this year and we didn’t make it!  We tried a couple other sites and ended up getting a tree several kilometres up a forest service road that is maintained.  It was pretty much dark by the time we found one.

When we got it home we realized it was kinda dusty since it was next to the road where logging trucks raise dust everyday all summer long.  The recent rain helped, but the undersides were still dirty.  Darryl hosed it off and let it drip outside for a few minutes and it was fine.  We had towels under it when we brought it in but the tree didn’t drip at all.

And then we let Sadie stay up and “help” with the lights.


I’ll show you the rest of the decorating when I finish.  I’ll be at it all week.

Have you started decorating?


6 thoughts on “Tree Adventures”

  1. It’s so true. My wife thinks that colour should be reserved for carnivals and circuses. We actually have one string of 50 red lights (small ones) that never made it to the photo shoot.

  2. White lights are classic, clean, bright and easy on the eyes (restful) and go with any colour scheme. Coloured lights have blue, purple and pink, which I never use in my decorating so I don’t use them on my tree either. As a result, my tree goes well with the decor throughout my house and looks warm and twinkly, like stars. There are plenty of colours on it in the decorations (some even have blue on them). For the record, if coloured strings had other colour options than all primary and secondary colours, I would get some with red, greens, yellow, white, oranges and pink, but I currently only have white and red strings. Anyone would be hard pressed to call my house anything but cozy and warm with all white lights.
    That’s my $0.2.

  3. Great shots of Sadie with the lights! I love the last one!
    I have partly decorated the house and will be getting our tree up (the pre-lit artificial one -don’t tell Darryl) in the next day or so.

  4. ….i decorated in the second week of november. haha… a little early, but thats okay. my house feels nice and cozy too with the white lights. no tree yet though! cute pics with sadie

  5. Cute pics…. and wow, if you said they were pictures of you at that age, I would have believed you!
    I am with you on the white lights, totally agree. 🙂

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