White Trash To Middle Class -More Progress!

Since I last updated you, we now have  electricity back on in the quarter of the house that contained Sadie’s room, the bathroom and the entry.  I didn’t expect the bathroom to be that dirty.

We also have a front door!  And a bulb is already burnt out.

The door will get painted eventually.  Probably not till spring when it’s warm enough to paint.

And eventually I will get a good picture of the kitty, I mean Ninja.

The yard also got cleaned up some more.  Trust me.

Here’s inside the entry with the insulation installed and the door.  And the light!  This light is controlled by the switch next to the front door and another switch inside the other door.  This room is already a few degrees warmer than outside.

The insulation extends to the right just past the big window.  It’s about 60% done.

The floor is also about 60% insulated.  Some friends came up on the weekend and helped Darryl get started on it.  It took a lot longer than they thought cause the joists under half the floor were I-beams and they had to wedge the styrofoam in tight.  Hopefully the rest of the floor with 8″ joists will go faster.

This is what happens when you use styrofoam to insulate.  It barfs all over the room.

There’s a table saw and a chop saw buried in there.

The wood stove we’ll be using has migrated from storage to the addition.  Hopefully to be installed by the end of the month.

Darryl built a couple of shelves above the freezer to store the canning and food processing equipment and the egg cartons and diapers.  The large shelf unit they were on has to get dismantled cause it’s taking up too much room.  There’s still a few boxes of jars on it that need to get moved to the shed.

We’re hoping by December 3rd, we’ll have the addition cleaned out and the hole knocked through the wall so we can use it for our annual Christmas Tree Hunt.  We’ll see if that actually happens.




One thought on “White Trash To Middle Class -More Progress!”

  1. Looks like more great progress. I like the front door; it really suits! That sure is a tiny little stove! I have never seen one so small with a window.

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