For Messy Babies

I made something for a baby shower I was invited to.  It’s called a Bapron.  It’s basically a bib but it wraps around the baby’s sides more than a bib.  There’s a tutorial on how to make it here.

There’s a free pattern you can print off but I traced it off the computer screen.  Hehe.

I won’t show you how I made it cause it’s all in the tutorial if you care for that much detail.  I’m just showing you the one I made.

The front is fabric from a cotton button-up shirt and the back is from a t-shirt.  I made the bias tape and thought cutting it 1 inch wide would be good.

I should have cut it 2 inches wide.  And I should get one of those bias tape makers if I ever do it again.  It took a long time.

And then I cheated and sewed the tape on with one row of stitching, so in some places the back side was sewn so far in that I had to hand stitch several areas to keep the edges from popping out.

Live and learn.

Here’s Chad modelling it for me.

And yes, I did cut out another boyish Bapron, but I need to buy some bias tape before I go any further.


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