White Trash To Middle Class – Week 743

At least it feels like that long.

I think it’s only been 16 weeks since we started the renovation, and probably half that long since I updated you on its progress.

Well, this is where we are now.

Darryl raised the floor in the entry by about 2 inches.  Something to do with the door threshold.  He put a layer of styrofoam insulation under the subfloor while he was at it.

The box in the foreground is a built-in wood box.  It will have cupboard doors on the front and another access door at the back so Darryl can fill it up without walking into the house and we can get wood for the woodstove without walking to the entry.  Above the woodbox will be a built-in bookshelf, only it’ll be customized to hold the tv and electronics with a hidden electrical outlet and a chase behind the tv to hide wires.  Another door in the entry will provide access to the wires from the back.  The whole built-in will be painted white.

I even measured the couches to make sure there would be room where I’m planning to put them.

The electrical is almost done.  These wires in the ceiling are for pot lights, but after reading a bit about placement, I’m going to move them have them moved a little bit.

I’ve been staring at this ugly drywall-less panel since we moved in here, and it’s finally going to get finished (eventually).  We had to replace the 2 electrical boxes with one big one so it looks nicer.

These switches will control the front porch lights, the (new) entry light, and the (existing) entry light, and the last switch will control a special outlet we had installed in the eaves to plug Christmas lights into.  That way we can flick a switch in the house to turn on the lights.


I  L.O.V.E. planning where everything goes!  I love planning where I want light switches and fixtures.  I love planning for three-way switches and dimmers.  I have a switch controlling the top outlets on 2 different plug-ins so I can turn 2 lamps on with a flick of one switch.  My living room pot lights will be on 2 different circuits with separate dimmers.

With the electrical almost complete, we can finally start insulating.

Darryl and his buddy brought home a cube van full of styrofoam insulation cutoffs from an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) building Darryl was working at.  We’re all about recycling here.  The van subsequently caught on fire on the way back to town (It’s since been replaced).

This insulation will be used in the walls and under the floor of the addition.

Actually, the insulation is being installed as I write this cause Darryl had a couple days off this week.


I will have more to show you soon.  The insulation should be basically done by the end of the weekend, and we’re planning a work bee for next weekend to get the most important projects done before it snows.

It better not snow until we’re done.



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