Pumpkin Carving

In high school, I took part in a pumpkin carving competition.  I carved a semi-circular opening with a moon hanging in the top corner that only had the skin taken off so it was white, and a white (as in, light pumpkin-flesh-coloured) 3D wolf sitting on a hill at the bottom, howling at the moon.  The wolf was carved all the way around, like a figurine stuck there.

It didn’t win.  Anything.

I think it should have won first place, but you know how high school competitions can be, especially when the judges watched the whole thing and knew who carved which pumpkin.

I really must let it go at some point in my life.

I carved another one last week.  Not even close to the caliber of the wolf, but it was fun and easy, once I borrowed Hannah’s neighbour’s clay carving tools.

Then just for fun, I put a little owl in one of the knot holes and poked its eyes right through so light would shine through.

It didn’t work very well cause the pumpkin walls were too thick so we could barely see the light inside.  It would have looked totally cool if I had bothered to hollow out the inside more.  But alas, I didn’t get to it in time and it went out to the compost pile right after I took these pictures.

If you’re thinking of doing something like this sometime, make sure you put vent holes in it somewhere or leave the lid off or the candle will burn out from lack of oxygen.

What was your best ever pumpkin carving?



2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving”

  1. I carved a pumpkin this year that was similar to that.. except I used lukes slick and slicked the whole thing. i made it so the walls were really thing, but where each slick cut overlapped, the skin layer was thicker. with a candle in it, it looked like a glowing sphere with veins in it. trippppy. after I carved it, i enjoyed it for one evening and then made pumpkin pie out of it!

  2. Sounds cool! I’m assuming a slick is a draw knife…that reminds me, I forgot to bring mine home when we visited! Doh! I was planning to make pie out of my pumpkin too, or at least, pureed pumpkin for the freezer, but it started going bad before I got to it. 😦

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