The other day, me and Sadie and Chad squeezed into Hannah’s van with Hannah, Jason, Micah and Celise.  And a chair, a stroller, and 2 pumpkins.  We went to the nut farm so I could take pictures of them.

As we were about to leave Hannah’s house, Micah got his finger caught in the van door and it started swelling up pretty fast, so I stayed there with the kids and Hannah and Jay took Micah to the Doc.  Three hours later, there were no broken bones (whew) and wonderful light for picture-taking at the nut farm.

This picture is not a good example of the lighting, I just threw it in here first.

Cause it’s cute.

This is the lighting I had to work with.

And then I had to play around with some editing and ended up taking out some of the warmth, but I also like the vintage feel of this photo.  And the editing is not permanent so I can do whatever I want (Hannah hasn’t seen these yet).

That being the case (Hannah not seeing them yet), I won’t show you any more photos of their shoot.  Yet.  I’d like to get my hands on the ones I took with her camera after my card filled up halfway through the shoot (Note to self: get another memory card for photographing her children).  Some good ones on there.  Even a planking shot.

Pleeeease can I post that one on here Hannah?!?

Maybe some comments begging asking her would help…(hint hint).

PS. The title of this post is not in anyway referencing the people in the photographs.


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