Anniversary #5

Here it is, almost a month late.

Our Annual Anniversary Photo!

There’s no point trying to pretty it up and make it look like we’re not living in a reno since the whole purpose of this exercise is to show where we live, what we drive, and what assorted children and animals we have.  These are NOT family photos and will probably never be framed.  If they’re lucky, they’ll all get printed off and maybe even compiled in an album.  When we’re old and senile.

We actually got both vehicles AND the horses in this one photo, probably because we’re on the horses this time.

Yes, we had help.  Nicole held various children and animals in the juggle to get everybody on a horse.  Then she took the pictures for us (Thanks Nicole!).

We used oats to entice the chickens into the picture, and we also got one of the ducks in there too.  Did you see it?

How about now?

Now scroll back up to the first photo and see if you can find the kitty (who now has a name…we’ll see if it sticks.  Ninja!).

After the photos, Nicole watched the chilluns while Darryl and I tootled up to the end of the road and back on the horses.  Second time we’ve been riding together since we got Sonny!  Awful, I know!

We will have to remedy that immediately.  Maybe a live-in (free) babysitter/housecleaner/cook/chicken wrangler/handyman would help.

Any takers?


2 thoughts on “Anniversary #5”

  1. Good for you guys! Amazing that you got the duck and kitten in the first shot!! Hope you do get to go riding more together…and looking forward to many more anniversary photos!

  2. Loved the photos – nice to see the four of you all together with Banner, Sonny, Montana, Ninja, the duck and the other critters. Your home and family has sure been changing over the years! Someday, you could even do a post, with all of the pictures showing the progression and changes. I’m so glad to see everyone looking so well.
    Love to all,

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