A Walk In The Park

Back before there was a risk of frost overnight, we took Sadie and Chad for a little nature hike.

The Kokanee salmon were spawning.

Not a lot to tell you here, so enjoy the pictures!

Oh yeah, I made that skirt for Sadie a long time ago.  Only I cheated.  I cut the (jersey fabric) top off a dress and folded a bit of it over to make a casing for elastic.  She’s been wearing it for at least a year and a half and it will probably fit her for another year and a half.

That is all.

Now I can show you our anniversary photos!  Coming up next!


One thought on “A Walk In The Park”

  1. Great pictures, as always. Chad has such BIG eyes! Sadie is so sweet in that cute skirt… nice to catch a glimpse of Darryl, too!

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