Lets Try This Again

We got a load of crabapples on the tree this year, and I was determined to make real jelly this time.

Sadie helped me pick three buckets of apples.

I washed them, cut them in half and removed the stems, just cause I felt like it.

After filling the biggest stock pot I have, I added enough water to cover them and let them simmer for half the day.  Then I poured the pulp and water into a large cloth-lined bowl and tied the corners up and hung it from a cupboard handle overnight.

You don’t want to squeeze the bag of pulp or you’ll get cloudy jelly.

The next morning, measure the juice you put back into the cleaned stock pot (make sure you don’t fill the pot past the halfway mark.  It’s okay to do it in batches) and add an obscene amount of sugar.  In this case, about 7 cups for every 10 cups of juice.  I don’t think it matters a lot though, but I wanted it to work this time so I wasn’t going to risk not putting enough sugar in.  Add 1 box of pectin.

Then you have to boil it for about 45 minutes to 1 hour (at least, I did).  I read that it’s supposed to get up to 220F but it never did.  The boiling juice will overflow the pot if you’re not careful.

I won’t explain all the sterilized jar thing cause it’s all over the internet if you want to know.  I don’t use a water bath with these.  I put the lids on and they seal as they cool.

The result?  6.5 pints of pink deliciousness that actually set this time!  And that was only one batch.  Now I have about 18 pints socked away.

Don’t mock the rusty rings.  They worked for my mom and they work for me.

Oh, and don’t throw away the pulp!  Run it through a victorio strainer and you get pink applesauce.

THEN you give the pulp to the chickens.


2 thoughts on “Lets Try This Again”

  1. …if at first you don’t succeed…!
    This looks beautiful though – such pretty colours. Not sure where to find crab apples in London, but if I stumble across any, then I’m going to pounce on them now! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. 18 jars with a jeweled-tone taste of summer – Yum!!! Glad you finally had great success! I’ll bet they taste yummy, too!

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