Logan Lake Has Something To See

You know when you list all the things you have to do this week in your head over and above your regular work and instead of doing it, you spend two and a half days reading other people’s blogs and checking facebook every twenty minutes to see if there’s anything actually happening (there isn’t), meanwhile you don’t even get your regular work done and you have leftovers for dinner and twenty loads of laundry needing folding?

That happened to me this week.

BUT, I am proud to say, half my laundry is folded, I got started on my work work (as in, paying work), I harvested half a bucket of potatoes this morning, and I have to come up with something new for dinner (potatoes?).

HOWEVER, there’s still blog posts to write from 3 weeks ago, photos still in my camera from 10 days ago, a drawing to finish for work, sewing to do for a friend who is having a baby any second, more sewing to do for another friend before sunday, tomatoes taking up space on my counter waiting to be chopped and frozen, overgrown cucumbers and beans in my fridge and beets in the garden waiting to be pickled, dried herbs collecting dust on top of the fridge, three loads of laundry that need folding, and spiderwebs taking over the ceiling and light fixtures.

That’s why I’m here.  I have to start somewhere.

So I’ll show you the only tourist attraction in Logan Lake, like I promised in the last post.  Then we’ll be on to more interesting things.

I promise.

Logan Lake is a mining town.  There are no stoplights.  They have two gas stations and two motels.  And a lake.  And a golf course.

And a big dump truck.

The thing is, I worked at the mine that everyone in Logan Lake works at, and the trucks they use now are bigger.  This one’s little.

(The only thing I remember about the tires is they cost $25,000 each.)

I couldn’t find the picture of me standing under a random dump box ditched at the side of the road at the mine, but I found this one of the whole truck I took from the cab of the ant-sized truck we were driving.

Next to the little dump truck in the parking lot, there’s also an old shovel, now used as a visitor’s center.  You can climb into the cab too.

We went inside where the engine used to be.  Now it’s full of pamphlets.

Now if you think this is impressive, the shovels they use now are sooo much bigger it’s unbelievable!

If I can get our other computer to turn on (not this week), I will post the picture I have on there of a new shovel being assembled and link back to this post.

It makes this one look like a toy.

But it’s still fun to take pictures of.

Well, I guess that’s my plug for Logan Lake.  Despite it’s lack of amenities anything, I kinda like the place.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check facebook one more time.


3 thoughts on “Logan Lake Has Something To See”

  1. Wow….. Big list of chores!
    Big ambitions!
    Big trucks!
    Bigger promises!
    you are one busy lady!!
    LOL! Have fun leading a full life! 🙂

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