Most Of The Rest Of Our Fun Weekend

After the fair and sleeping in the tent overnight by the lake, we drove up to Williams Lake to visit my little brother Luke and his wife, Steph.  My bad for not getting a picture of their cute log house.

This town must be the log home capitol of Canada.  I’ll show you why in a minute.

There are a couple of large, wood statues in town.  One of a bull rider and this one.

And a large wheelchair.  Not sure what that means (handicap capitol of Central BC?).  In my town we have large adirondack chairs.

Can you guess what this store is?

I didn’t go in on principle, but I did take pictures of the only Walmart with log accents and a log sign.

Maybe I do belong in this town.

Luke works for Pioneer Log Homes.  They have three yards in the area and Luke gave us a tour of the yard he runs a crane at.  We climbed all over and under a roof-in-progress made with logs at least 4 feet in diameter covering several thousand square feet.  Enormous.

Pioneer built this impressive visitors center too.  That’s me and Sadie in front.  Those little people you can barely see.

Another view.

Inside was a massive tree trunk spanning three floors.

Luke says it can take 2 weeks to peel the roots of a tree like this.

They also carve the ends to make animals, like this bear with a fish in its mouth.

Let’s not forget the log building inside the log building.

Life imitating art or art imitating life?

And that’s about all there is to see in Williams Lake, except maybe for Scout Island where you’re not allowed to release squirrels??

I’d like to hear the story behind that one.

The only other attraction there has to be the Share Shed.  I wish we had one here.  People drop off their unwanted non-garbage and anyone can take whatever they want.  I got a light fixture that needs spray paint to cover the brass that will work great in our new entry, a cute little pitcher in a light green that will work great on my new mantle, a couple of archie comics I left at Luke’s house, and a shirt for me and jeans for Chad.  Luke and Steph furnished a lot of their house with stuff from the Share Shed.

We had a great visit and enjoyed seeing the country around there.  Neither Darryl or I have seen anything further north than 100 Mile House.  We definitely liked all the ranchland.

In the next post I’ll show you the only tourist attraction in Logan Lake.


One thought on “Most Of The Rest Of Our Fun Weekend”

  1. LOL! Had to laugh at that squirrel sign – I’d like to know what that’s about, too! That has got to be the only unique Wall Mart exterior around, eh? And those huge logs and vertical trunks – they were SO impressive!! Not to mention that massive building…. We never saw much touristy stuff when we drove through – just lots and lots of gorgeous, lovely land. And tons of trees… It’s to bad about the pine beetle. I am sure that our devastated forests in BC will be some of the forests that Revelations mentions as burning.

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