We’re Off To The Fair!

It’s that time of year again.

I think I may have missed going a couple of years since I was about 10.  I hope I never get tired of it.

We had a fun weekend planned and it started on Friday morning when we got the car packed up and left the house by 8:30.  Going to the fair on a friday was genius.  We got a free parking spot and it was way less crowded (like thirty thousand or so less crowded!).

The livestock barns were a pleasant start to the day.  We could actually walk through there and see everything cause there were so few people, and first thing in the morning the air was fresh and light and the sun shone in through the cracks.

Sadie was a little hesitant to pet the animals at first.

Just as I’m sure the animals were hesitant to approach her after getting the stare-down.

Except maybe this one.  He didn’t seem to care who touched him.  Maybe somebody forgot to give him breakfast.

This little piggy went to market.  And so did the other ones.  As ribs, bacon and hams.

Here’s Sadie petting the headless llama.

Sorry about the blurry cows.  Bad lighting and I hate using the flash.  You can still tell they’re cute though.

There were these short, black cows getting a bath outside and I asked if they were Dexters.  The lady huffed and said “No way!  These are Lowlines!”  She acted positively offended.  So I asked her what the difference was and she said Dexters are temperamental and mean, while Lowlines are gentle and sweet.  Good to know.  Apparently they also have more meat on them than Dexters and they’ll miniaturize your regular-sized herd in one generation.

Next up was the poultry barn.

Here’s a handsome fellow.

I have a new theory about aliens but I won’t go into that now.


Muskovies!  The babies were for sale.  SO cute!

I watched the horses while I was feeding Chad.  There were a couple of friesians out later but I only got this one (rather lousy) photo of an andalusian.  I don’t know what the attraction is to bay warmbloods but I find them all very boring.  More people should ride arabs, andalusians and friesians.  Those breeds don’t need to be crossed with anything…they’re amazing all on their own.

We can’t go to the fair and not sit on a tractor!

You may recall Sadie’s first time at the fair where we got her on a tractor.  Now it’s Chad’s turn to try to eat whatever he can reach!

Gotta have one photo showing proof that I was there!

Big Tractors.

Little Cowboys (read the shirt).

That’s what the fair is all about!

Though for some reason, maybe because the fair is getting too citified, the antique tractors weren’t there this year!  There was no tractor parade, no threshing or baling and no steam engines!  I guess people would rather watch the same lumberjack show every year or go RV window shopping instead.  We may have to see another fair for the real goods now!

This one had Darryl’s name written all over it.


I was looking at this picture after I loaded it onto my computer and couldn’t help but notice how the ponies’ feet were landing toe first.  I think they need a better trim.  (Can you tell what I’ve been doing lately?)

This team was fast…

…in my favourite event, the chuckwagon races!

It’s impossible to hold back a smile (or a laugh) when you watch these guys race!

There was something new this year.

And something old.

And the biggest kohlrabi I’ve ever seen!

This quilt caught my eye.

This smile beets them all!  (Or should I say, “beans them all”?)

I know nothing about wheat but it looks purty.

Hay, isn’t that a wheelhoe?

Alright, I’ll stop with the corny puns.

(insert picture of corn here)

Never mind.

We didn’t stay for the rodeo this year because we had a campsite booked for the night and we wanted to go set up and rest for the evening.  I was pretty surprised that we were able to book a spot a week earlier at a site on Swan Lake, and apparently we got the last one.  I couldn’t have imagined it looking like this!

It had such a nice view I was compelled to play with my shutter speed and got a couple of nice twilight shots.

That was Chad’s first time sleeping in a tent and the first day of our first fun weekend in a LONG time!

Stay tuned for the rest of it!

Though it may take a few more days.  It’s canning season after all.  Yesterday I canned 20 quarts of peaches!

Oh, and there’s only 4 more sleeps until my endurance race!


3 thoughts on “We’re Off To The Fair!”

  1. I loved the one time that my family went to the fair. There is definitely a lot to see and do! I’m glad that you guys had such a good time.

  2. The fair! ~ Oh, how I miss that short-lived fall tradition we had while I lived there! Glad you had a chance to go for the weekend and have so much fun! That camping spot really rocked!! Maybe that could become your traditional spot ~ 😉
    I enjoyed all the photos of the family and the sights… and I do remember the photo of Sadie up on a tractor for her first visit. Chad looks delighted to be there!
    Ride well in the upcoming race!!! You’ll do awesome!!

  3. BTW, interesting info about the Dexters! We read such glowing reports about them (how gentle, how friendly, etc) before we got them – and then found them to be mean-spirited and tempermental! One of them liked to stalk you, sneaking up behind you to attack, even. We ate her. Problem solved.

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