Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

I know, another long stretch between posts.

We’ve been so busy that it’s taken me 3 days in my spare time to upload and edit photos for you from the last week and a half.  And I’ve only got photos for 2 posts done!  There’s more.

Anyway, see this pretty little lake?

This is Logan Lake.

Back before I had 2 children I had a cool job where me and my boss travelled to this lake at least once a month to go out in a boat (or on the ice) and take water and algae samples. We had meetings with people from City Counsel, Public Works, Ministry of Environment, and local citizens and came up with a plan to improve the water quality, fishery and eye appeal of the lake.  The pole fence in the picture was put in to keep the flying cows canada geese from wandering up on the grass and pooping.  We ordered mats to put in around the dock to suppress weeds submerged aquatic plant growth and make it nicer for swimmers.  Eventually, they might get the beach built that we designed and a floating dock put in.  Those are just a few things.

Oh, they also wanted to update the kiosk in the park (from the 70’s) so you could read it again.

This is the side I designed.

I drew the cross-section in the middle and the riparian zone in the lower left corner, and I took the picture on the lower right corner (showing aquatic plants matted on the surface).

All this to tell you that I went there again last week because the upstream wetland I designed was being built!

An excavator and a bunch of students from a university were doing all the work and I was there to take pictures and do a sketch of the final layout.  This was the 3rd and final day.  The green ditch across the middle is the original channel, and the ponds were built on either side to help filter runoff and groundwater and to create habitat for animals and insects (BTW, a functioning wetland does not breed mosquitoes).

The edges of each pond and the channel and several other key spots will be GPS’d so I can do a fairly accurate final drawing.

And this is only Phase 1!  There are plans to create several more wetlands along this channel that winds through the golf course before joining the lake.

Yes, Logan Lake may not have much, but it does have a golf course!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Sadie stayed with a friend all day and I brought Chad and a babysitter with me.  I fed him when we got there and again just before we left.  He was great!

That was my first day working on site since before Sadie was born.  Sooo fun!  Normally I just do drawings at home based on sites I’ve been to in the past or on other drawings I’ve done.  I’m cool with either kind!

I guess I still have a cool job.  Besides being a mom.



4 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho!”

  1. Wow! So PROUD of you, Bekah!! Isn’t that cool, that you get to see your own designs coming to life for Logan Lake? How exciting!!! And yeah – you got a really cool job – besides being a Mom! Awesome!!! Also – a neat thing to know about mosquitoes – we must have a lot of wetlands that don’t function correctly in this country!!

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