To Finish Is To Win

Sorry about the radio (blog?) silence over the last few days.  Nothing happened.

Okay, maybe a bit happened, but nothing that seemed blog-worthy.

Except maybe the ride I did on the hottest day of the year sunday.  It was practice for the 24 mile ride me and Nicole are doing on Sept 17th.  We don’t have a horse trailer so we’re going to ride the horses up to the ride camp since it’s only a ten minute car ride from our house.  Ride camp is at the Telemark Ski Lodge (see map below).

Home is just off the bottom edge of this map.  The red line is the route we took up to the lodge.  We went through a gate next to the cattle guard and tried one of the trails to cut off the first corner, but it ended up back on the road, so we followed the road up to the next corner.  There’s a trail that veers off the road (white dot with no name) and heads in the direction we wanted to go but it ended up taking us way off to the side and 12km and 1.5 hours later, we finally found the lodge.

Darryl met us in the parking lot with water for the horses (which they didn’t want) and so I could feed Chad.  After a little rest, we headed back (yellow line) down the road this time.  To get back to the start of the shortcut trail took us 15 minutes.

I think we’ll take the road to get there next time.

On the way back we tried another trail to cut off the last corner, but it turned out to be just as long, if not longer.  The whole ride was 20 kms long, which happens to be only half as long as the ride we will be competing in.  How depressing.

I spent the next two days in traction.

I’m fully expecting to be completely exhausted after the first loop on the ride and wish I were curled up under a rock somewhere.  But I’m also expecting that I’ll talk myself into doing the second loop and regret it 5 minutes after I start it, but by then there’s no way I’d let myself turn around.

I might need several days months to recover, but if I finish the ride in daylight, even with a numb behind and legs like rubber, I’ll be ecstatic.

Wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “To Finish Is To Win”

  1. Brutal! take lots of snacks and gatorade or other electrolyte drink… Is this event a multiple loop event- is it spectator friendly??

    1. There will probably be two loops, about 12 miles each. The only time there’s any action for spectators is when the horses come back for their vet checks and when the winners of the 50 mile ride race to the finish. Not particularly interesting unless you volunteer to help the vets. I will definitely be bringing power bars and juice!

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