White Trash to Middle Class –Week 7

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll recognize this photo from the last post.  That’s because I wanted you to see the dramatic difference to our home in just one week.


Oh, and one minor change.

Instead of a screened-in porch, we’re getting another bedroom.

But until the outside is done and the yard is cleaned up, this is my view.  And my obstacle course.  I can’t get the stroller through it to the back half of the yard anymore.

Here you can see the top half of the post.

I know the colour looks nice but it’s going to change.  Right now it’s just primed.  We still have to fill the holes from nailing on the siding, then paint the siding and trim and build stairs and install two doors and outdoor plugs and lights and insulate under the floor and put on the skirting.

Then we can focus on the inside!

It still looks like this.

And this.

Eventually it will get done.  Maybe before Darryl finishes his post (hint hint).


3 thoughts on “White Trash to Middle Class –Week 7”

  1. WOW!!!!! What a HUGE difference ~ And does it ever look fantastic! I was surprised by the third bedroom – how great!! Maybe you can make a screened in porch beside it next year – or get everyone to pitch in and buy you a Gazebo for Christmas!
    I’ll bet you can hardly wait for the inside to be done…. I’ll bet Rick is very impressed and tickled. What a huge blessing he is being handed. It’s gonna be so nice for all of you!

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