White Trash to Middle Class –Week 6

Darryl got lots of sheeting done before the Big Saturday Workday.

It smelled like formaldehyde around here for a couple of days.

Darryl built out the post so it looks interesting instead of utilitarian.  We put a pony wall there as a railing because snow likes to blow into that corner in winter.

Kitty’s getting big.  He caught a mouse in some bushes by the house the other day and brought it up on the porch.  Of course, he let it go to play with it and it started to get away.  Montana caught it and took it down the the grass and killed it.  Then he kinda lost interest when it stopped squeaking and the chickens took it from there.  I’ll spare you the details.

It takes three animals to properly dispose of mice around here!  We’ve been missing the first vital part of the team until we got a cat!

He didn’t feel like posing for pictures.

Anywho, back to the reno…

On Saturday, things really started happening.

Windows went in.

Trim and flashing started.

Most of the electrical got started.

Darryl helped run wire from the electrical panel under the house to the new plugs and switches.  New circuit breakers went in the panel to handle the extra load.

What did I do?  I made lunch and took pictures.  Probably the most important and crucial role in a renovation.  But I’m happy to do it.

Now the porch looks like this.

Then on Sunday more trim went on.

And tar paper and J-channel for the soffits.  See Sadie in her sweater-dress?

That’s Tom working on the house.  He’s doing a great job!

Darryl also put Blueskin around the bottom of the walls to seal out any moisture that might accumulate on the porch.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in the house by the end of this week!


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