Farm Girl

I’m so glad my kids will grow up on a farm.  The whole experience seems to make children more confident and sure of themselves, and not afraid of a chicken.

The other day I came outside looking for Sadie and heard a little sound over by the chicken coop.  It was Sadie playing inside the rabbit/duck cage.

I snuck back inside really quick to get my camera and snapped a few pictures of her as she climbed out.

She’s all about exploring her little world.  Her latest thing is playing in the scummy duck pond.  I try to clean it out at least a couple times a week, but it gets dirty fast.  It doesn’t help that she likes to put dirt in it.  But whatever.  She climbs in with or without shoes.  Then she squats down and gets the bum of her shorts and her diaper wet.  Then she dunks her hair in it.

If it’s close to supper time and she hasn’t dried off yet, we strip her wet clothes off outside and stick her in the shower to spray her down.

No biggie.


One thought on “Farm Girl”

  1. I was like Sadie as a kid- exploring my yard and hobby farm and discovering all kinds of things.
    Kids who grow up on farms have a different kind of confidence and understanding about the world. I really notice a difference when I teach at schools that are more rural and the children have farm responsibilities and yard to play in.

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