White Trash to Middle Class –Week 5?

Alrighty, last week we (Darryl) got lots done!  At least it looks that way cause you can see a big difference.

He started sheeting the outside.

This is the entry from inside looking out the existing front door to the new front door opening.

From the yard.

Another view of the front porch and entry.

From the new living room looking at the entry.

Once the sheeting is done, there will probably another phase or two when it looks like nothing’s getting done.  If everything goes according to schedule (and when does that ever happen?), the windows and doors will be going in in a few days and the electrical started and siding started.

Then once the siding and soffits and fascia and flashing and trim are on, work will proceed inside.  Doubling up rafters, raising the entry floor, insulation, poly, drywall, paint, lighting, flooring, trim, insulation and sheeting UNDER the floor, fireplace installation and framing around it, rock work (we got free manufactured rock from a friend!), chimney installation, glass railing and screening on the porch, more lighting and painting and installing doors and building stairs and railings.

Oh, and somewhere in there, knocking out the windows in the living room and kitchen and trimming those up and building steps and a closet in the entry and adding wiring for speakers and a built in bench in the entry and built in woodbox in the living room and tying the fireplace into the existing ductwork.

Yeah, I’m sure there will be a few times when it will seem like nothing is getting done.

But I really like being involved in the decision-making that will affect the final outcome.  Designing room layouts and where to put lighting and plugins and windows is so much fun.  I would totally love to build my own house.  Even though it would seem like it takes FOR. EVER.  These are some of the fun decisions people get to make in this life.  I could make decisions about designing houses and decorating them every day.

Well, maybe not on weekends.

And some of the decorating decisions are slower to get decided because some rooms need time to tell you what they need.  But that’s a whole ‘nother post.





2 thoughts on “White Trash to Middle Class –Week 5?”

  1. Looks so great! I love the design process too – had a great time doing that with our last house in Nelson. Lot’s of fun, but nowhere near as involved as this project of yours. This should keep those creative energies going for awhile! You two are doing a great job; you make a wonderful team! I can hardly wait to see it all in person….
    Love to you both!

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