Endurance Training

This is Nicole.  Her head anyway.

And that’s her new saddle.

The horses are getting ridden a couple times a week, either by both of us at the same time, or Nicole takes one out at a time when I can’t go.

We’ve found some great trails with viewpoints overlooking the lake and the next town over.  We’ve ridden another loop a few times and I have no idea how long it is…maybe 3-4 miles…and we try to beat our last time on it.

I think I trimmed Sonny’s feet a little too close last time and he’s been a bit sore, so he’s had a few days off.  He’s the one who needs lots of miles put on him.  But Banner needs to get in better shape too and stop being so lazy.  It seems to take him almost an hour to warm up to the point where he doesn’t mind staying at a trot.  He does that a bit even when he’s in great shape though.  He gets a second wind after he’s gone a few miles and finally settles into a nice gait.  Usually when we’re almost done our ride.

Even when I can’t ride and Nicole takes one of them out, the other one gets exercise too.  Neither of them like being left at home alone and they’ll spend the whole time pacing whichever pen they’re in.

In this case, Banner was in the pasture, so he had plenty of room to run, and a very nice backdrop for photos.


He alternates between running and standing at the fence whinnying.

He has the lightest, floating-on-a-cloud gaits when he’s running free.  Makes me feel fat when he thumps along with me on his back.

Maybe a month and a half isn’t long enough to get him in shape for a 22 mile race.  Or me.

Oh well.  We’ll do the best we can.  It really is like running a marathon.  To finish is to win.

All four feet off the ground in a super long trot!

I  like how this one looks like is was taken back when the world was black and white. I might frame it.

The first time I competed in the race we’re going to do, I got 2nd place.  That was after deciding a month before that I was going to compete and riding 6-7 days a week to get ready.  Hopefully with Banner’s muscle memory and 2 months to train about 2x a week, we’ll make it in the top 10.  Sonny’s a bit of a wild card though.  He’s got lots of energy, but he starts slowing down after 45 minutes of trotting (lots of uphill) while Banner starts holding his gait.  It’ll be interesting to see if he can make it 22 miles.  We’ll do a longer ride a few weeks before to see how they do.

One bonus to all this is my core is tightening up and I’m losing weight faster!

Lucky for Banner.


2 thoughts on “Endurance Training”

  1. I love the horse pictures. I hope you might let me ride when I’m not pregnant anymore. there is nothing like the feel of trotting with a horse and being in rhythm with them….

    Keep up the hard work!

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