There hasn’t been much of anything to show you the last couple of days because Darryl has been fixing an issue with the beam holding the porch (and roof) up.  I asked him if he’d like to do a rant on here and he said “Yes!”.  So he will tell you what he’s been working on for two days in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, here’s a break from construction demolition on the porch.

Pictures of our kitty!


I’m afraid he might be forever called Kitty cause we just can’t fit a name to him for some reason.  Kitty seems to suit him just fine.

He’s a great family cat already.  Sadie got really rough with him after the first day and thinks it’s hilarious when he meows in protest to being squeezed.  If she doesn’t stop bullying him, we can stick him in his crate and she can’t get to him.  Silly cat keeps going back for more!  He hasn’t figured out how to hide from her yet.

We were hoping he’d just give her a good scratch to teach her to be nicer, but he’s so tolerant to torture that we have to step in.  A lot.

He’s adjusting to living outside nicely though.  He spends most of the day outside on the porch, and sleeps out there at night too.  I think we could get rid of his crate if it wasn’t for Sadie.  We only lock the door when she gets too rough.

He fits in really well here.  The dog doesn’t bother him anymore and he’s learning that we don’t feed table scraps or want him on our laps when we’re eating.  He’ll curl up in our laps for naps any chance he can get.

We like him.



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