White Trash to Middle Class -Day 3

Now the french doors at the top of the porch steps are gone, as well as the short walls on either side of them.

I started taking down the burlap we (Darryl) put up a long time ago.  It worked well to make the wall a little nicer.  Darryl put a billion staples in to hold it up, even though I tried hinting that it might be more than enough.  He seemed to think it was necessary.  Now I have to pull them all out in my copious amounts of spare time.  I got the first little section done in less than an hour!  Go me!

Darryl took the next two evenings off cause it was raining one evening and he was wiped out after work on the other evening, but he spent all day Saturday working on it.  Those photos will be up tomorrow.

I can hardly wait till it’s done!



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