The Porch

As some of you know, the large covered porch attached to our house is undergoing major surgery.

It kinda needed it.

The original intent when it was built was to have it turned into more living space, and several years later, it’s finally realizing the dream.

I’ll tell you The Plan, but it might not make much sense until you see it.

1. The front steps will be moved the the far end of the porch and an airlock-type entry will be built across the end.

2. The windows in the living room will be taken out to give access to the new sunken living room with fireplace.

3. A sliding door will go where the store room door is and the store room will become a screened-in porch all the way to the railing at the front.

4. The kitchen window is coming out to make a pass-through, and the french doors on the porch will move to the screened-in porch to allow access to the yard and firepit.

So that’s The Plan.

Darryl is doing the framing and helping with some of the other stuff.  Right now our porch is a disaster zone and the store room is half cleared out.  No more playing out there with Sadie for a while (not that I’d want to when it’s so freaking hot).

I will show you the daily progress starting tomorrow.  I’m so excited!  I’ve been Pinning a lot of ideas and I made a design board a while back (though some ideas have changed a bit).

Stay tuned!


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