Canada Day Parade

We went to the parade for the first time this year. Just cause we thought Sadie would like it.  We never bothered with parades until we had kids.

Anyway, we found a really nice spot in the shade near the end of the route and waited.

Here they come!

Can’t start a parade without bagpipes!





Veterans smiling at Sadie.

Sadie’s second encounter with (captain) Jack Sparrow.

These ladies were good.

This was THE only real ‘float’ in the whole parade!

Someone taking a shower in the back of a truck…

This canoe was so long…

…it took 2 pictures to get it all.

Lots of sweet old cars.


Another sweet old car…

…with one of our pastors driving?  Yup.


More men in kilts bagpipes and drums.



Freaky clowns.

Who knew there were so many men who like to wear kilts pipe bands in this valley?

A golf cart dressed up like a Hummer.


I was trying to get another shot of that gorgeous bay arabian but this ol’ plug was in the way.

That’s better.  I want an arab like this one some day (ie. more than 15HH with legs that go on forever).

This one wins the ‘Huh?’ Award.  White limo with a mounted bear on top with what (upon closer inspection) looks like panniers on it?  And what is it advertising?  Trail rides!!  Go figure.

Big shiny truck…

…pulling a trailer with a little excavator, and an Elvis Impersonator!

Make that 2 Elvis Impersonators!  Awesome.

I never would have thought to put air horns on a lawn tractor.

Here’s a new DIY chalkboard project.  A car!

Can’t have a parade without a black shrink-wrapped pirate ship!

Can you see the streams of water spraying out both sides?  We were almost sitting in the ‘wet zone’.

Sweet truck.

Another sweet truck.

The house across from us had quite a few friends gathering there at the start of the parade.  Turns out they had the perfect spot to launch an attack on any parade members displaying weapons of water.  And they had a convenient hedge to protect them from counterattacks.  They took on a hockey team.

The team was prepared with a truck full of ammunition and dedicated warriors to reload.

This guy looks ecstatic that a girl is whooping his butt in public.

Smart man…hiding from the hostiles across the street.

Classic.  I love this picture!

See the old firetruck in the background absolutely full of firemen?  They launched a full attack on The House just as we were trying to get out of there cause the sirens were noisy and the water battle was advancing on our position and Sadie was crying.  I wish I had gotten some pictures.

The end!  Hope you enjoyed the parade!



3 thoughts on “Canada Day Parade”

  1. Looks like you all had a good time! Sooo many men in kilts….I mean pipe bands!!!
    Sounds like the water fight was a lot of fun to watch. Anyway, love to you all

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