Less Is More

There comes a time when kids toys multiply to the point where they don’t know what they have anymore.

That’s when you have to intervene on their behalf.

Remember this photo?

That’s not even all of it.

I don’t think Sadie has a lot of toys compared to some kids, but she still has too many.  When the toy box is so buried in other toys that she can’t get to it and never opens it, it’s time to do something.

One day while she was taking a nap, I went through everything and sorted out half her toys to get packed away and got rid of a few little odds and ends or broken ones.  Then I re-organized the toys she had so they fit in her space better.

Look, you can see the floor!

I made her a little kitchen area by hanging that white shelf (that was destined for the bathroom but hasn’t made it yet) for her dishes.

I kept out all her animals and tractors in a basket, and put her doll clothes and jewelry in the now-empty toy box.  The fruit goes in another basket and I moved some of my books so all of hers fit on the bottom shelf.  She’s still got her cradle and babies and a couple stuffies and a big basket of lego, and that’s it.

That was almost two weeks ago.  Since then, she’s had much larger clean-up jobs to do cause she plays with everything!

And I like it cause there’s less clutter and everything has a place.

Try it sometime.  It feels great!

If you need some inspiration for de-cluttering any area of your home, try this website.  It’s one of my new favourites.


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