I have a little problem.

Two actually.

The first one is, the vegetables in my garden are slowly and steadily disappearing.  I’m guessing it’s voles or some such rodent.  My patch of 100 onions is down to 7.  The 1 zucchini plant that survived the chicken attack got munched off at the root.  Every morning there’s another 1 or 2 pea vines looking wilted cause they were chopped off at the ground.  And now my bean plants are starting to disappear.

I need a cat.

Bingo!  Problem solved!

Darryl brought him home today and as we speak he’s falling asleep watching me type.  We’re going to keep him in a huge dog kennel on the porch and raise him to be an outside cat.  Neither of us want an inside cat.  Not that I mind having him in once in a while to play with or snuggle, but he’s going to live outside and eat all the voles and mice that even THINK about tunnelling into my garden and eating my greens.

At least that’s my plan.



He’s even potty trained!

Hee hee.

Meeting the dog.

Montana seemed to think we’d brought him lunch so we had to moderate their meeting.


Sadie squealed with delight several times and was very gentle with him.  Here she’s trying to see him under the chair.


On to problem number 2.

What should we name him!?!

Any ideas?



7 thoughts on “Mew!”

  1. That kitten is adorable!!
    How about “Dakota” or “Rado” (short for Colorado) to go with “Montana”?
    Kami suggests, “Mimi”. Kaira likes this too.
    I’m gonna give it some more thought.

  2. If you’re not going to get him fixed, just call him “Tommy!” He’ll wander a ton if he’s not, though. Our neighbor told us her tom would go 2 or more miles away to reach a cat in heat. He’s adorable! Why couldn’t you get him while we were still there? 😛

    1. We found an ad online and picked him up a week or two ago. And have had to get him back three times since! He likes it there, crazy dog. He doesn’t know how good he’s got it living up here!

  3. Cute Kitten!! I might even have some cat toys that I can give to you.. We can’t leave out small cat toys or the dog will swallow them whole!!. You need to grow some cat nip to attract the cat to hang out in your garden.

    How about “Sandy” for a name…I suppose that is too close to Sadie….

    1. There’s actually a ton of catnip growing in my garden this year! Soon he’ll be big enough that he can’t fit through the fence and small enough that he won’t be able to jump out, and then he will live out there!

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