Horse Stuff

Part of having horseys around includes looking after their gear.  Leather can get dry and dusty or even brittle and cracked.  You don’t want brittle and cracked.  Especially when it’s the strap holding the saddle on the horse (called a latigo).  I had to replace my latigos a few years ago cause they were getting quite thin and starting to crack in places and I didn’t trust them anymore.  The downside to that is, the only ones I could find were almost twice as wide and 50 times thicker, and they were new so they were really stiff and hard to tie a knot with.  Now they’re starting to be pliable enough to poke through the slot and tie.  They’d probably be even easier if I oiled them more often.

This is the saddle I bought after I got my horse (I just realized I never told you that story…my bad).  I saved up for it and it was $350 used, but in great condition.

I’ve since replaced the plastic bell stirrups with metal endurance riding stirrups and had ‘D’ rings put on the front for a breast collar.  It doesn’t look too bad in this picture but it’s actually really dusty and hasn’t been cleaned in a couple years.

You can see the dust better in this picture.


I used a product I love called Leather New that cleans and conditions the leather in one step.  Yay!  (I’m not being paid to advertise for them.  They have no idea who I am)

A couple of wipes later, and it looks like this!

Instant results!  Very satisfying.

Now I can be seen in public on my horse again.

Just kidding.

Here’s my saddle in all it’s glory.

The other saddle got a good cleaning too.  I’d never cleaned it cause it came with Sonny and I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning it, but it looks great cleaned too.  The bridles and reins were cleaned so now they’re soft and pliable.

Now I just need to use them!

Actually, I have been using them.  I’ve been riding 4 times in the last month!  I’m getting used to Sonny a bit more.  He’s pretty fun to ride.  Banner is safe to ride.  Once they’re in better shape, Banner will be more fun and Sonny will be safer.

Me and a friend are going to train for an endurance ride in the fall.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that.  Now I’m bound by my word to do it.

That might be just the motivation I need when it’s 30 degrees in the shade and I need to put some miles on the horses.


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