Ducks! Take 2

Last year I got Darryl a couple of baby ducks for his birthday (read post here).

They were super cute.  We named them Bonnie and Clyde.

They feathered out and were hanging out with the chickens everyday until the white one disappeared overnight.  The other one hung around for a couple months until it wandered (or got scared) onto the road and when we went to get him he flew away.  We hunted for him all over the neighbour’s property but there was no sign of him.

We liked having ducks though, so we decided to try again this year.

This time, we found an ad for Cayuga Ducks for $10 each.  They’re listed as a threatened species and they’re an iridescent green when they grow up (click here to see what they’ll look like).

Here’s what they look like now.

We don’t have names for them yet cause we don’t know their genders, but if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!  One of them is bigger than the other so hopefully we’ve got one of each.  We won’t find out until one of them grows a little curl on his tail–then we know it’s a boy.

We had got to drive down to Keremeos to get them.

First stop:

Caramel Frappachino for me.  Does any one know if there’s a less sweet version?

There was a sweet van parked next to us.

Speaking of sweet vehicles, we also saw this.

Yes, please!  I even like the colour.

Then we saw this really nice house.

It was built down in a canyon though so it doesn’t get much sun.  What you can’t see is the horse being groomed in the carport and the people swimming in the pool and the vineyard next to it and the bear wandering around in the next field.

No, not this bear…we saw an actual, real live bear too.

Almost in Keremeos!

I can’t figure out why they call this ‘K Mountain’. 😉

I really like this area though.

The ducks were living at a charming little farm, so when the lady asked if we wanted to see the parents, I said yes!  She had a dozen goats in the first pen, and we had to go through it to get to the next one.  The giant brown african geese honked at us and crossed the little stream running through the middle.  I spied a llama and a few sheep in the field on the other side.  Under a huge shade tree she had a little shed full of half-grown broiler chickens.  She had laying hens in another pen along with a guinea hen and a turkey hen (no problems with blackhead either).  She told us she had a hundred goats earlier this spring and she had to downsize!  If she had a young goat for a good price I would have been very tempted to take it home (I have a lot of pasture needing clearing!).

Oh yeah, and the female duck was sitting on a pile of eggs under a barrel.

Everything was so nice and tidy…grass trimmed, neat garden, flower beds, well-maintained fencing and outbuildings, antique harrows decorating fences and buildings, large shade trees, kind old dog.  It was beautiful!  Even her animal pens were clean and slime-free.

If I believed in reincarnation, I’d want to come back as one of her animals, except for the broilers.

Here’s a few pictures from our drive home.

I do love this part of BC.  Especially the farming areas.

Well, I guess I’d better go feed the ducks!   Now it feels like a real farm!  Haha.




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