The Pioneer Woman does photography assignments sometimes and gives gift cards from a photography website to the winners she chooses.

I have no hope of winning.

There are over 48,000 members on her Flickr group.

That doesn’t always stop me from entering though.  Sometimes the winning photo looks like something I could take.

The latest assignment is ‘Fathers’.  This time there won’t be 5 days of finalists, then a short list, then the winner.  Just the finalists and the winner on Sunday (Father’s Day).

I scoured iPhoto for my favourite shots of Darryl with Sadie (I don’t have any good ones with him and Chad yet), and found a couple decent ones.

This one was taken on a camping trip at the beach when Sadie was a couple months old.

Sadie was about 1 month old in this one.

We’ll see if I make the short list this time!


I’ll still think they’re good photos.


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