Just Beachy

Darryl and I are perfect for each other.  We both could care less about sports (sorry Canucks fans…is hockey season over yet?), and neither of us are beach bums.  If we want to go somewhere for a relaxing time, we’re not going to a crowded beach.

We pick the more secluded ones.

And we sit in the shade.

We both like being near the water or on the water cause it sounds nice (unless there’s a lot of people) and smells so fresh and the air is cooler.  We don’t go to sit in the sun and sweat.  We’ve both worked outside enough that we don’t need to sweat in the sun for fun.

On this particular occasion, Darryl wanted to go for a drive, and we wanted to take Sadie out for a picnic by the lake.

We ended up at a park I used to mow in my previous life and where my sister got married like 7 or 8 years ago (I can’t remember).

On the way, we stopped for slurpees and gave Sadie a tiny bit in the bottom of a cup.  I think it may have been a combination of the ice cold drink and the winding back roads that made her throw up.  We pulled over and cleaned her up.

When we were about 10 minutes from the park, she threw up again.  So we pulled over and cleaned her up again.  And stripped her clothes off.  We didn’t have any more with us.  Or very many wipes left.

Darryl washed her clothes out in the lake when we got there.

And hung them up in a tree to dry in the wind.

And it was pretty windy, but it felt really nice and the waves were all we could hear.

And we had the entire beach to ourselves!

We lost track of time and finally left around 6:30.

Darryl got to drive and we all had a great time relaxing.

Much better than watching people play games on tv.


(please come back again)

(maybe after the Canucks lose win the Stanley Cup)


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