My favourite place in our ‘yard’, aside from the garden and greenhouse, of course, is this area under the trees where I swing in my hammock.  I can see the house (and all the things that need to be done to it) and the garden and the firepit and part of the pasture and the bush.

This year I’ve spent some time making it look a little nicer.  There used to be a pile of topsoil under a camouflage tarp awaiting a permanent home.  I moved most of it into several ‘beds’ to build them up before adding rocks on top.  Darryl moved the rest to a more secluded spot.

Here’s the first bed I made.

The rocks are necessary to keep the chickens from scratching the dirt all over the place and digging holes for dust bathing.

Then I threw some dirt and rocks in this bed and didn’t bother to cover the bushes.  I don’t mind the bushes.  I wanted it to look a little more “on purpose” and I needed a place to put the dirt.

Then I bit the bullet and started on my plan for the front of the garden from two years ago!

I put empty feed sacks down first as a compostable weed barrier, then top soil, then rocks.  Ideally, this garden will get the transplanted irises (if I ever get around to it and determine they would not be molested by chickens).  That’s a lavender plant in the front corner.

I haven’t done the other side yet.  I was totally on a roll and would have done it, but I didn’t have any more feed sacks (and for some reason that held me up…I could have used cardboard…).  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll pull the ‘mommy-brain’ card this time.

I’ll show you the finished product whenever it gets done.  Don’t hold your breath.



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