Morning Walk

Most mornings if it’s nice out, I take Sadie out for a walk with Chad in the stroller.  We take the horses out to eat grass and we go look at the pond and the apple tree that’s covered in blossoms right now and the irises that are blooming right now (deep purple!) and I make (another) mental note to transplant them to my yard when they’re done flowering, then wonder if the chickens will demolish them in an hour if I did.  We throw a stick into the pond for the dogs to swim out to and maybe stroll to the end of the driveway to see if the neighbours horses are hanging out by the fence.  On the way back we find some pretty flowers to look at, like these Indian Paintbrush, Oregon Grape and Balsamroot.

Then Sadie wants to see the horses again, so we stop and watch them eat.

So does Montana.

He’s a handsome doggy.

Everything is really green right now.  And there’s no way the horses can keep up with the grass right now.  If I had a scythe I’d cut it and let it dry for hay.  It’s all going to seed right now.  Not good grass farming practices.

It was a good thing I took this picture because Darryl returned the tractor to its owner that evening.  No more tractor pics!

This kinda looks nice and grassy, and I like the way it looks right now, but it’s actually pineappleweed.  Later on when it flowers, it’s nasty looking.

So I’ll enjoy it while I can.

PS. That potted onion (yes, I potted an onion) was subsequently attacked by the chickens, who managed to peck three ‘leaves’ off before I could save it from impending doom.  They didn’t even want to eat them.  Just left them to wither on the ground!

Maybe I will have to rethink transplanting the irises.


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