Finally, Something To Show You

Here’s the first very belated garden post of the year!  There wasn’t much to show you before cause the weather has been cold and wet (again) this year and I even had to put a heater in the greenhouse to get the soil warm before planting (which is not quite finished).

This year I’m starting to practice Permaculture so I left the mulch on all the beds, except for a few spots where I planted lettuce, and I did pull off the mulch to plant carrots and kohlrabi (then put it back on again).  I’m not too keen on allowing animals into the garden to help with pests and fertilizing and such cause I think they’ll destroy my beds, but I’m trying really hard not to “till” the soil, but to leave it alone.  It doesn’t get stepped on so it’s not compressed at all, and the soil has improved a lot since I built the beds two years ago.  There’s a huge increase in earthworms too.

Here’s the garden as of yesterday (or was it the day before?).  Over half of it is planted now.  There’s a few things started in the greenhouse that still need to go out, but they’re not quite big enough yet.  Namely, Cucumber, Squash, Eggplant, Zucchini, and Beans.

I had some volunteers from last year.  My cilantro went to seed and now it’s coming up everywhere.

The chives from last year look amazing.  The tomatoes are rotated to this bed this year.  I had to buy them cause I still haven’t started any seeds and I didn’t want another huge crop of green tomatoes like last year.  I have 8 plants and I’m hoping there’ll be enough tomatoes to freeze at least twenty bags and more for making tomato sauce since I use a lot of canned tomatoes and I’m not too happy about the linings in the cans from the store.

This is about what the Chamomile looked like last year too.  Maybe it’ll do something this year.  I haven’t touched it.

Last year my potatoes were so pathetic, except for the extra ones I threw into the compost pile.  I read that they love manure and compost, so I suspected the soil was the culprit for their minuscule growth, so this year I moved the potato tires to the other end of the garden where they’ll get more sun, and I filled them with a mix of dirt, compost and chicken manure.  I couldn’t believe how fast they came up!  I’m expecting a good crop this year.

There’s a few in the compost pile again too.  I moved it over so I could turn it and get to the nice bottom stuff for the potatoes.

This bed has a row of peas with a trellis made out of twine (a very useful material).  The Kohlrabi is coming up too and the rest of the bed will be for beans.  I’ll have to rig up a trellis for them too, but they’re not even planted yet.

The onions were one of the first things I planted and they look great.  Definitely easier to mulch them right away.  Last year I waited till they were about 6 inches high and it was hard to mulch them without breaking them.  The tools were a birthday present for Sadie from some friends.  She loves digging in the garden.  Especially the spots I’ve just planted.

My success with vegetables doesn’t seem to extend to flowers, I’m afraid.  Here’s a nice flower I planted out a couple of weeks ago.  It’s barely hanging in there.

These ones are faring a little better.  Sadie thought the tomato markers would look nice in the pot too.

But my rhubarb is coming back nicely!  Yay!  The willow around the edges works great to keep chickens out.

That’s all for now.  I’ll show you my greenhouse when things start coming up better and I have some landscaping to show you too!  Stay tuned!


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