Two Years Old

It’s officially Sadie’s birthday today.  She’s 2!

We had a party for her on Sunday afternoon.  For the whole week before, I was telling her what was going to happen, and every time someone asked her how old she was or if she knew it was her birthday, she said “Cake” followed by “Juice”.  I think that was her favourite part.

Her cousin Micah had his birthday party just a couple weeks earlier, so she thought we were going to Annie (Auntie) Hannah’s House for her party.  I had to tell her many times that Auntie Hannah was coming here and we were going to have a fire in our yard.  Then she’d list off more people she knew.  Micah, Ceise (Celise), Granma, Papa (Grandpa).

Yup, they’re all coming.

And a few other people too.

These were some of the weirder guests.

Here’s the obligatory Name Banner and some other details.

Celise.  She’s 1.

Chad slept through half the party in his swing.  Such an angel.

Sadie chose her outfit, and stole the hat from her little friend Faith when she arrived.  So Faith borrowed one of Sadie’s jackets.

She wasn’t sure what to think when everyone started singing Happy Birthday to her.  I wasn’t sure what she’d think about blowing out the candles, since I hadn’t prepared her in any way for that.

Lots of people I know make fancy fondant cakes that go with the theme and look amazing.  Works of art really.  I, however, don’t enjoy baking aside from bread and the occasional cake (because they taste better than store-bought) and I feel like I have enough of a creative outlet with all the gardening and landscaping and sewing and drawing (for pay) that I don’t feel a need to join the designer cakes movement.  It seems a little too tiring for me.  I sure enjoy it when other people make them though!

Last year she had Dirt Cake.  This year it was Tres Leches Cake.  That’s Spanish for Three Milks.  I made one for a mexican-inspired dinner with family last year and it was so good I had to make it again.  The recipe is on the Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen website.

Here’s my mad cake creativity…extra cake from the edges made a ‘2’ on top!  Wow!  Haha.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  And the taste!  It was yummy.

And she did blow out both candles herself!

Here’s a Birthday Tip: put the birthday boy/girl ON the table with the gifts so everyone can see and so the other kids can’t open their gifts for them.  Works great.

Thank you Hannah for taking photos with a camera you weren’t familiar with!

For those of you who asked about the rhubarb punch (and for everyone else who needs to try it!), here’s the recipe I used.  It’s the second recipe down the list.  “Rhubarb Citrus Punch”.

Now that Sadie knows what a birthday party is, I’m sure she’ll be bouncing off the walls in excitement when next year’s party rolls around.  As much as she ‘bounces off the walls’ anyway.

Thanks everyone for making her day special!


2 thoughts on “Two Years Old”

  1. Happy Birthday, Sadie, from Great Auntie Anne. I’m looking forward to seeing you in 10 days to celebrate Uncle Mike’s graduation.
    Love, Anne

  2. Looks like she had so much fun…. wish I had been there, but I am always late for her birthday. At least, I get to see her once a year, so far! she looks so grown-up these days and her hair is so cute….

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