Darryl took this picture as he was sharing Sonny’s toenail with Montana.

Montana loves toenails.

Darryl…not so much.

And we did take pictures of the hoof trimming process (just for you Cheri) but they didn’t turn out as clear as I was hoping (and since you’re coming out to visit anyway, I can show you in person).  There’s a ton of great photos on the Barefoot for Soundness website; there’s no point in me reiterating what’s already been done.


One thought on “Toenails”

  1. Oh, yeah! I forgot about learning that from you. That’ll be good! I really can’t wait to see you guys. I totally sympathize for Sadie being sad about Chad taking over that stuff – Kami was older and she STILL had a really tough time. Still does, in fact, but usually now the tears are over clothes that she’s grown out of that I pass on to Kaira.

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