While my house is seriously lacking in storage (what house isn’t?) and some areas have a poor layout (like the dishwasher door blocking the cupboard with the garbage can in it and the living room with no options for traffic other than right through the middle), I usually choose to focus on the good things about it, which mostly involves the things I’ve put in it.

So here is a collection of photos showing some of the details I like to look at.  (I neglected to adjust for white balance when I took them so some of them look a bit yellow, but my house tends to be more on the warm cozy side anyway so it wouldn’t be accurate to try to make those photos look light and bright)

Details from my $5 garage sale chair!

My beat-up beautiful kitchen table.

Free centerpiece from Nature.

My Great Grandma embroidered this.


I wanted a landscape painting with some green in it so I photocopied a picture out of a library book and framed it.  That’s cheating, isn’t it?  Oh well.

Whoops, how’d that get in here?

On the piano: a bear rug and a lamp made by my little brother (Happy Birthday Lukie!).  I heart rustic.

My decor books.

My gardening and farming books.

I love seeing those horse pictures from the kitchen, especially when the bedroom is tidy.

Rustic headboard + Luxurious pillows = Cozy

Back to the kitchen–the fruit basket.

Coordinating utensils.  The little green jar/vase was my grandmas.

Chrome accents in the kitchen?  Why not?  My cutlery and kettle and faucet all look like chrome.  Love roman numerals on a clock face.

Mommy’s Chair.

The view from Mommy’s Chair.  Yes, there’s a large, grey TV on top of the radio cabinet, but I try to block it out.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

And the break from posts about Sadie or Chad.  Maybe one of these days I’ll have something to share about my garden!  Slow going these days with two kids and cold weather.


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