Baby Shower

Chad’s baby shower was at Hannah’s house since she has the big house and already had some decorations up from her baby’s first birthday.  We did make a name banner for him though since that’s the tradition.  Super easy to do.  I picked the font and printed the letters out the size I wanted and cut them out with a thin white border left around the edges and stuck them on scrapbook paper.  Hannah cut slits in each top corner for the ribbon.

Hannah also made a cake.

Out of diapers.

It was tasty.

Just kidding!  Sheesh.

Cute little shoes on top.

And since it was a green-themed party, we had limeade and drank it out of green cups.

Chad wore a green sleeper and he had his green blanket.

He was pretty content being held for a while and then he fell asleep in the swing for the rest of the time.

My shirt has some green on it.

And of course, we mustn’t forget the cupcakes!  Sooo yummy!  Thanks Julie!


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