Knitting Lesson

I realize there have been a lot of posts on here lately about Sadie and/or Chad.  I wish I had something else to share with you but that’s kind of my life right now.  There isn’t much going on outside other than a bit of raking and we burned some sticks the other day and I’ve planted a few things in my garden and turned over the compost pile, but I think that says it all and you don’t really need pictures to visualize all that.

I did brush the horses last night so they might find their way into a post one of these days.  I also cleaned out their feet and found that they both need a good trim so maybe I’ll do a post just for Cheri and show how I do it, if I can figure out how to hold a foot and a tool and the camera at the same time…

But today, I have another post about Sadie!

Grandma gave her a knitting lesson.  Can’t start ’em too young, right?

This is my favourite photo.

Nice scarf Sadie!

Looks like a complicated pattern too.

Maybe you could knit mommy some more dish cloths.


3 thoughts on “Knitting Lesson”

  1. My favourite one is the second from the last, boy grandma and Sadie sure make a good knitting team.
    New Baby gift still sitting on counter bad Auntie Sandra or maybe bad Uncle Fred 🙂
    Love you guys

  2. Great pictures of Sadie and her Grandma! Little Karia loves looking at the pictures of the blog with me – I’ll have to remember to show Kami when she next comes over.
    My favs are the last 2 – can’t choose just one, LOL!

    I can hardly wait to see all of you!

    Lots of love to all four of you – and Carol and Trevor as well!

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