Delicious Sweet Goodness

What a week!

I  had a couple of days at home with Darryl and Sadie and Chad, and then we were at my grandma’s memorial service, church on sunday, visitors galore on monday and my parents moved into my sister’s tiny camping trailer next to our house.  They’ve been great to have around, even though they’ve both been fighting off colds the whole time.

Then it’s been lots of catching up on housework and doing some drawings for my boss and baking bread, and I still have to get out my seeds and figure out what I need to buy and what I can plant right away.

Honestly, I do not feel like I had a baby last week!  It’s been such a fast recovery!  I’ve already been out raking anytime I get a chance, though my poor abs can’t take too much of that yet.

Yesterday I didn’t get outside at all cause it looked like this half the time.

Yucky.  The sun was out a bit too but it was cold.

We snagged a few boxes of thrown-away produce from the store for the chickens and with it came a box full of potted basil plants.  Dad planted them in the garden, but I haven’t been out to see if they’ve survived the last couple of cold, almost frosty nights.  Even if only a few stems make it, I should have enough for a decent harvest this year.

But enough about all that.  You want to hear about Chad!

He’s great.


He sleeps 4 hours at a shot at night, only getting up once (sometimes twice) to eat.  He’s a very peaceful baby and loves to be held.  I hope he’ll be more of a cuddler(that’s not actually listed as a word) than Sadie was.  He has cute dimples.  When the midwife weighed him, he pooped in the sling.  The next day he peed in the sling.  His umbilical cord fell off wednesday night.  He has cute dimples.  He definitely doesn’t like cabbage.  He sleeps in our bed so far, but once we get a routine going, we’ll put him in the cradle for bed, then move him to our bed when he wakes up to eat.  That way, once he starts sleeping through the night, he’ll be used to going to sleep in his own bed.  Worked great for Sadie so we’ll try it with Chad too.  He has cute dimples.  He’s so tiny, yet I can’t imagine him fitting into my body again.

Sorry, that was weird.

He has cute dimples.

Goodness, he’s adorable!

Now how many of you want to have another baby?!?

I do!

Just not for a couple of years.


2 thoughts on “Delicious Sweet Goodness”

  1. You’re right – he is adorable! And something else you didn’t mention – he’s got dimples!!!
    Can’t wait to see him.
    Auntie (again!) Anne

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