Welcome Chad!

Thanks for your patience while I wrote this post over the last three days!

Our son Chad Hugh was born April 7 at 12:27am!

After a long pre-labour, I was in active labour for 2 hours and pushed for 22 minutes.  Much faster than the last one!

Chad was born at home in water and came out calmly and looked around.  He had a really thick coat of  vernix.

He was 9lbs 1.5oz, and though he had a hand up by his face, the midwife managed to manoeuvre his arm and shoulder out right after his head and I only had the tiniest tear that didn’t even need a stitch.  She also had me push the placenta out right away, which makes for a very speedy recovery!

Chad looks so different from Sadie.  His hair is straight, but it will probably be blonde like Sadie’s.  She was born with dark curly hair.  He’s got a profile that’s more from my side of the family, and a lean jawline without his sister’s cheeks.  He’s also his daddy’s ears and the CUTEST dimples!  His long toes must be from my side of the family.

I dug out a photo of Sadie yesterday and they actually have very similar profiles, but they still look way different to me.

Here’s our first (terrible) family photo taken less than 24 hours after Chad was born.  Yikes.

The name Chad means “warrior” and Hugh is Darryl’s dad’s name and means “wise”.

There’s a proud papa.

I’ll try to have some better photos up soon, but no guarantees.  The garden is calling!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Chad!”

  1. Wonderful pictures! I really like your new Family portrait, too. Wish I was there to see all of you…. Do you happen to have that last photo in colour???

  2. He’s absolutely gorgeous – such beautiful skin and he looks very peaceful. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing him and big sister Sadie ( and parents of course) very soon!
    Love from Auntie Anne and Yoshi

  3. Great photos! If you need help with gardening, let me know. Mine has to wait until the boxes are made. I hope all is going well so far.


  4. He looks so wonderful! I can’t wait to see you guys again. I miss you all so much. The kids do too, and are so impressed with Chad that they’ve been bugging me to give them a baby brother!

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