Sadie loves to dress up.  She tries to get doll clothes on her sometimes but it doesn’t always work.  So she really likes it when she can get something on, like our clothes.  The other day we were getting ready to go to town and she put Darryl’s hat on, then brought my boots to me (she’s such a good helper) and proceeded to put them on herself.

She hasn’t learned about right and left feet yet, not that it matters when you’re swimming in boots.

And daddy’s hat is definitely too big.

But on her, it’s too cute.

Darryl couldn’t resist the urge to take these photos.

I could, cause that involves bending over to pick up the camera.  By the time I made it across the room to pick it up, the moment would have been over anyway.

I’m like a turtle with my shell on backwards.


3 thoughts on “Cuteness”

  1. Remember to try to take it somewhat easy – don’t bust a gusset, now! I can appreciate what you mean by that turtle comment…. I remember those days… 😉
    God bless you, Rebekah!
    Love ~

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