The Circle Of Life

Last night, my grandma passed away in her sleep.

She’s now praising Jesus and reuniting with her husband!

That’s her standing beside me in the blue dress at our wedding 4 and a half years ago.

She used to tell me stories about when she lived on the farm she grew up on.

We went on a road trip when I was about 16 or 17.  I had my learner’s license and she had a little standard pickup that she was a little out of practice driving, but we managed even though I wasn’t too great at starting smoothly from a stop and we missed our turnoff and accidentally experienced Calgary on the way back.  We went up to northern alberta to visit relatives on a sheep farm, then skipped over to Dawson Creek and back, then drove back down to southeastern Saskatchewan and stayed with more relatives and I saw the farm she grew up on.  The barn was amazingly huge.  We got to see the house she was born in that her dad built.  It was being used as a tea house/gift shop.  That was a fun trip and I got 9 rolls of film showing prairies.

We told her a couple years ago that she had to wait around to see Sadie, since she was named after grandma.  We used her first name, Annie, as Sadie’s middle name (Ann).  She waited!  She even made it to her 81st birthday on March 7th.

I’m so glad she’s got a new body that works perfectly and I hope she can still see her future great grandchildren from Heaven.

Until we meet again, have fun Grandma!!



One thought on “The Circle Of Life”

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma. Told you I might send you a comment! By the way, cute pics of Sadie, as usual…

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