Week 13

I know, I missed last week’s assignment.  The theme was “from the jewellery box”, and I had an idea of doing a shot with our wedding rings with a black background and side lighting, but I just never got around to it.

This week’s theme is “Just for fun”.  I’m going to use a photo I took the other day when we all went for a little walk to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and the melting snow.  Sadie loves stomping through the little puddles on the driveway, and what’s more fun than that when you’re little and you live in the moment??

There are some amazing shots on Flickr for this week’s theme.  You should check it out.


One thought on “Week 13”

  1. I had a prophetic word when I lived in Kelowna that I was going to have a Grandson who would serve the Lord – since you and Darryl are the only ones in a position to fulfill this, I’d say that sooner (this time?) or later…. you’ll have a boy!
    A boy would be nice this time, then you’ll have one of each, but I am just praying for a strong, healthy baby who will grow up loving and serving our King!
    Blessings, Sweetheart!! Praying for a good and “easy”, safe delivery!
    Momma Joan

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