Nine Months and Counting…

I’m sure some of you would like to gawk at how insanely far my belly sticks out.  Well, here’s a picture for you to stare at without seeming rude!  Haha!

Can you see why maternity clothes don’t fit?  They don’t make clothing that accommodates basketballs.

Like I said in the “baby watch” sidebar on the right, this belly measures 47.5 inches around.  I think it’s bigger than the Sadie belly because the (cover your eyes Luke)

placenta is at the front and the baby is pushing it out further.

At this point I can’t imagine my belly stretching any more, so I think it’s time to get busy cleaning up outside and doing whatever activities that bring on contractions.  I was thinking the other day that riding my horse bareback would work great, but I’d need a staircase with a platform at the top so I could simply step over his back.  Probably not going to happen.  Plus my dad would have a heart attack if he knew I was riding in my “delicate condition”.  Hehe.


One thought on “Nine Months and Counting…”

  1. So Darryl thinks it’s a big boy? Actually, so do I. I don’t really care, frankly as long as you are fine, the labour goes well and the baby is healthy and happy!

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