The Green Door

While I’m waiting for baby #2 (see sidebar for updates), I thought I’d show you what my amazing hubby made for me out of this old door.

We bought it at a flea market before we got married for $15 cause we both loved it, and it’s been displayed in our house or on our porch ever since.  Last summer I started sanding the other side of it cause I had an idea of what to do with it and I thought the green just wouldn’t work quite right.  So the other side looks like this.

It was taking too long to strip the paint (even with chemicals), so I kinda gave up and left it this way, which didn’t matter too much cause it was still green on the other side, which we displayed on the porch (not sideways against the railing, in case you were wondering).

So anyway, my sister bought a new bed and gave us their metal bed frame, which was great cause our mattresses have been lifted off the floor with two-by-fours (to allow for air circulation) for at least a year.  No bed frame.

We both like high beds, so Darryl planned to raise the frame up on blocks while he had everything apart.

Then I thought, why not attach the door as a headboard while we’re at it?  (That was my plan all along)

Darryl wasn’t too crazy about adding green to our room’s colour scheme, so we used the sanded side.

We had talked about how high we wanted it and Darryl told me what his final height measurement was (32 inches) and it sounded fine, so he assembled everything in the bedroom and it was all very sturdy.

We finally got the mattresses on at 11:00pm..way past bedtime.  But it looked amazing.

The only problem was they were so high I needed a stool to get into bed!  I didn’t care at that point.  I just wanted to sleep, but it was a little too impractical for the long term.

I actually laughed every time I walked into the room cause the bed dominated the room sooo much and looked a little ridiculous.  That and the bedskirt, which I put on under the boxsprings to hide the space (there was still a 6 inch gap so you could see the blocks), didn’t have anything to support it at the end, so it falls to the ground a little too soon.

Like I said, ridiculous.  It came up to the top of my hip.  It was like a counter.

I made Darryl change it this last weekend.  He realized it was a little too high when he almost smashed his face into the wall getting out of bed during the night.  I’m sure my daily reminding him of it’s impracticality for a woman 9 months pregnant who just might want to use my bed during labour helped a leetle bit.

So he took one leg off at a time and cut 6 inches off each one, then put it back into place (using the cut-off as a spacer to keep everything level) and screwed everything together again.

Now my bedskirt skims the floor like it should, and Sadie can use her stool again, and the bed looks high but doesn’t look like the top bunk.  Perfect.

Another aspect of my design is complete.

I drew a picture of what I envisioned for this room shortly after we moved here, and it’s still tacked to my wall behind the door to keep me on track.  But it’s a slow process.  I didn’t take a picture, but I had curtains hung from floor to ceiling on either side of the bed before.  They were part of my drawing but I’m not sure if I should put them up again.  I think I’ll put something on the wall above the headboard first and decide on the curtains after.  Still waiting to find the perfect lamps.  I already have black drum shades waiting for them.  But the lamps I want cost more than I want to pay.

I’m also not totally sure what I want above the bed, other than the white antlers.  I was thinking along the lines of black and white art or photos like these, since they’re in the same room.

The top one is a pencil drawing by a friend and the bottom one is an oil painting my grandpa did a long time ago.

(My mom helped me cover that changing pad before Sadie was born with some fabric I already had)

I also have this large abstract print on another wall.  I love it cause I always see new things in it.

I guess I could complete the tour and show you the pretty chandelier I bought for the room back when I had money.

See why black drum shades would be perfect for the lamps??  And I’m thinking glass or plexiglass bases.  Something crystally or sparkly with a curvy shape.

Once that’s all done and I yea or nay the curtains, all that’s left is a rug.

And then I will change the duvet and try some different bedding for a while and maybe I’ll have to start all over.

Decorating is so much fun!


3 thoughts on “The Green Door”

  1. i was going to say, its totally EVIL that you stripped that amazing color off the door!! …but, then I saw the final result of the headboard and it actually looks awesome 🙂 good job!

    im sad we cant be there for baby when he/she is born! maybe possibly in may when we go down to vancouver for lukes surprise bday thing, we can detour through kelowna. it would only be for a couple hours, but its better than nothing!

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