I don’t mean to bore you, but…

This is some fascinating  reading.  A post about the current state of my laundry room/pantry.  Wow.

It’s actually not in too bad of shape right now.  Except for the baskets of laundry on the floor, which I won’t be showing you.

The plastic bins on the far shelf with round lids are ancient.  My parents picked up a bunch of them for super cheap when a Cooper’s store was re-doing their bulk bin section.  That was way back when we lived in the cabin in the bush.  When I was like 15 years old.  That means these bins have been around for at close to 15 years.  I need to make new labels for them.  We use them to store dried beans, pasta, rolled oats, rice, flour, sugar, etc.

Apparently the baby bathtub is also storing flour.

I also have a large ceramic crock in the store room that I keep white flour in.  I should be keeping whole wheat flour in there since that room is usually cooler, but you can’t put whole wheat flour in when there’s still white flour in it, right?

I know, lame excuse.

Here’s some other organizing I’ve done.

The furnace doesn’t work (and likely never will) so I can hang whatever I want there.  I finally got a hook for the broom and for my apron.  The clipboard has a list of how many eggs we sell, another one to keep track of how many feed bags we buy (though I think Darryl’s a little behind in updating that one), and my own little experiment listing how many cups of white flour vs. whole wheat I use in my bread on any given day, as well as a rating for how well it rises and the barometric pressure and any other notes I make.  I have enough data for a decent graph, but I don’t know if it will show anything significant.  Maybe when the paper is full I’ll sit down and make a graph.

In the photo above you can also see my white board on the right.  I love it.  I write down groceries I need to buy as soon as I use it up or notice it running low, then transfer the items to my paper list before I shop.  I also keep track of appointments on there and make to-do lists if I feel like I need one that day.

We hang bibs on the wall in the laundry room too cause we have a serious shortage of drawer space anywhere else.  This works just fine though.  There’s also the bag bag I made from scraps that were already sewn in a tube.  It was a no-brainer to make it and it keeps all my plastic bags tidy.

The wall you can’t see has the washer and dryer and a bank of cabinets above that house extra boxes of ziplock bags, garbage bags, the iron, bleach, a box of extra rags, freezer paper, light bulbs, misc. hardware, and my tool box.  I’m sure I could make those cupboards more efficient, but not right now!

I have too many other projects waiting for attention.

I will show you another completed project soon, using this door.

Can you guess what it is??


3 thoughts on “I don’t mean to bore you, but…”

  1. I am guessing a table to use for your computer or something else. You could cut it into 3 planks and turn it into a rustic shelf or even use the planks to make a bookshelf/DVD shelf.

  2. Hey, I found a machine you’d love one day… a flour grinder! My cousin who homeschools 7 children, and one at Bible school, grinds her own flour from organic grain. The flour was incredibly sweet and it made the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. She says they are well worth the $300 investment. She grinds the same days she bakes 4-5 loaves. Anyways….looks like you are “nesting” as you prepare for baby #2….


    1. You’re right…I would love a grinder! Especially if I could grow my own grains! I think I’d hook it up to a bike and let my kids do the grinding, unless I felt like exercising (ha!).

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