In honour of spring (is it just me or did winter go by really fast?) here’s some loveliness for your visual pleasure.

My mom got me the creamer.  Ain’t it cute?  French on one side.

English on the other.

Like everything else we buy.  Just in case someone on the west coast doesn’t speak english.  We musn’t risk offending them by not having their language on everything.

But let’s not ruin the moment.

Remember this flower?

It was a tulip.

With curly edges!

I got another birthday present today.  I ordered it with our airmiles few weeks before my birthday and it arrived by UPS in our muddy driveway (my Style at Home magazine subscription should be arriving soon too!).

It’s a Hamilton Beach hand blender with a blade and a whisk attachment, and a mini food processor attachment too!  Now I can make pureed soup without hauling out my blender and doing it in batches.  I hate blenders.  This one should make my life easier and it takes up less room.  Darryl will probably use it more often than I will though cause he makes whipped cream for pancakes almost every sunday.  Yes, he makes the pancakes too, from scratch!  I like mine with hot peaches and apricots (warmed up from the freezer) with whipped cream of course.

I love sundays.

And birthdays.


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