Week 11

Darks and Lights…

Someone took a picture of a black sock next to a white sock.  Dark and light laundry.  I thought that was a good idea, but I wasn’t about to steal it.

I was thinking of a picture with shafts of light coming through trees or something, but I didn’t feel like getting off my chair until yesterday when it was warm and melting and sunny out and I actually felt like taking Sadie out in her rubber boots to look at the animals and stomp through the puddles.

So I settled for anything with some nice texture or detail that would look cool in black and white.

I picked this one.

It’s a headlight off the tractor.

It’s a light.  But it’s off so it’s dark.  How’s that for my deep interpretation?

I tried getting a decent one of the chickens, cause some are white and some are dark (at least in black and white).

This was the best I got.

The white chickens are overexposed and the whole shot just isn’t composed very well.

But I liked the idea.

What do you think?

Anyone want to join me in this weekly photo assignment?  It definitely challenges you to play with your camera more, and it’s fun finding out the theme for the next week and looking for opportunities to shoot.  You can join anytime and use any camera you have.  You can sign up here.



2 thoughts on “Week 11”

  1. As usual, I find your choice of subject to be right on track and awesome. You have a way of looking at things that is different from the ‘norm’
    love you,

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