Random Photos

It’s definitely feeling like spring this week.  Most days the sun comes out for at least part of the day and there’s almost constant dripping off the roof unless it gets around zero degrees at night.  The driveway has no snow or ice on it!  Yay!  Instead, I dodge rivers and puddles.

Who am I kidding?  I don’t dodge them at all.  My boots can handle water so I walk right through them.

I’ll try to get some pictures for you soon, but it’s just not very inspiring to take pictures of mud and dirty snow.

I did manage to find some interesting and colourful things to take pictures of though.

Like this.

Did you figure out what they were from?  I know, pretty obvious, especially when you’ve seen all the other pictures of the tractor on here.  It’s just so photogenic.

I captured one of the roosters in mid-crow too.

All the chickens look a little scruffy so even they don’t photograph well right now.

Hopefully I’ll have something nicer to show you soon.



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